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ADM 201 - Hadoop Operations: Cluster Administration - Which Sandbox use?

Question asked by jorge on Mar 22, 2015
I'm starting the ADM 201 course after complete the HDE100, where the Sandbox or the empty image (only with the operating system) for the installation of MapR can be found? the course is only providing the following PDFs:

ADM 201 Hadoop Operations - Cluster Administration Lab Guide

Set up AWS cluster

Student cluster information sheet

The images provided earlier already has MapR installed on them or are to test other functionalities of MapR:


Hadoop Training Sandbox    (Yarn Training)

Is mandatory the use of AWS cluster for this course? can I use one of the above and erase the installation of MapR? can I create my own virtual machines but were to find the files mentioned on the lab guide:

• Hosts
• MapR license

Thank you and best regards