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Using mapreduce.job.end-notification.url

Question asked by taccart on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by taccart

I want to use the JobEndNotification (MapR
Setting mapreduce.job.end-notification.url to
should create a http call to url at end of a mapreduce job.

I've the feeling that notification step is just skipped : there is no info/warning message, and no there's no time at end of job (due to retries and delays between retries, when targeting a url that does not exists).

Here are the settings at run time:
 - mapreduce.job.end-notification.url=$jobId&status=$jobStatus
-   mapreduce.job.end-notification.proxy=null
-   mapreduce.job.end-notification.timeout=5000
-   mapreduce.job.end-notification.retry.attempts=10
-   mapreduce.job.end-notification.retry.interval=5000
-   mapreduce.job.end-notification.max.attempts=5
-   mapreduce.job.end-notification.max.retry.interval=5000

Does anybody use the job end notification with MapR 4.0.2 ?
All ideas and help are welcomed :)