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Connect Drill to tabluea give error.

Question asked by mayur_saparia on Mar 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by udayjoge
I want to connect Drill to Tabluea so that I can visualize my data. I am following the tutorial form the following [Link][1] . But when I try connecting I get Error saying

![alt text][2]

I would like to know what should I put in Zookeeper quorum :  Quorum & Cluster Id:
Currently I am mentioning Quorum: (This is the IP address of the drill sandbox)
and CLuster ID: 2541251885046487841
Got this from "maprcli dashboard info -json" this command, and when I click test in the Mapr Drill ODBC Driver DSN Setup it gives me error as shown in above picture.

  [2]: /storage/temp/153-capture.png