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What Sandbox to use for HDE 100 - Hadoop Essentials?

Question asked by daten-kieker on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by daten-kieker

when subscribing to "HDE 100 - Hadoop Essentials" one is offered to download a virtual image with a Sandbox [1]. However, the examples and tools for the Lesson 3 exercises are not contained (flume or the mysql DB for sqoop).

In Lesson 3 (part 8/44) is a download link for another vm [2] which apparently contains the examples. However, VMware (7.0.0) cannot open the ova file, VirtualBox (4.3.20) opens it but does not bring up any network devices except loopback (consequently, all hadoop fs commands fail).

Does anyone know about an updated yarn-training vm? Or where to to download the examples to import them into the working vm?

Thanks for any hints, best regards