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Install fails while configuring MapR services: "failed with error 1". No logs at the specified location.

Question asked by alexwoolford on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2016 by vanguard_space
I tried to re-install MapR following an error. The install almost completes, but fails during the final configuration step:

    Now running on Added Control Nodes: [hadoop01,hadoop02,hadoop03]
    * 10:37:16 Interrogating Node(s), Validating Prerequisites, and Starting Install
    * 10:37:18 Installing Extra Package Repositories If Needed
    * 10:37:19 Detecting Operating System
    * 10:37:20 Installing Prerequisite Packages for Ubuntu/Debian
    * 10:37:35 Detecting Operating System
    * 10:37:36 Configuring Firewall for Ubuntu/Debian
    * 10:37:37 Creating MapR User
    * 10:37:43 Installing and Configuring NTP Service
    * 10:37:46 Installing OpenJDK Packages If Needed
    * 10:37:49 Detecting Operating System
    * 10:37:52 Initializing MapR Repository for Ubuntu/Debian
    * 10:38:12 Installing MapR Packages
    * 10:38:23 Disabling MapR Services Until Configured
    * 10:38:26 Configuring MapR Services
    hadoop02: failed with error 1; check /opt/mapr/logs/configure.log
    hadoop03: failed with error 1; check /opt/mapr/logs/configure.log
    hadoop01: failed with error 1; check /opt/mapr/logs/configure.log
    failed: [hadoop02] => {"failed": true}
    failed: [hadoop03] => {"failed": true}
    failed: [hadoop01] => {"failed": true}

    FATAL: all hosts have already failed -- aborting
    Host: hadoop03 has 1 failures
    Control Nodes have failures. Please fix the failures and re-run the installation. For more information refer to the installer log at /opt/mapr-installer/var/mapr-installer.log

There are no files at the location prompted location, i.e. `[/opt/mapr/logs/configure.log][1]` and the MapR installer log, at first scan, didn't reveal any causes that were obvious to me.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to move this forward?