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How do I talk to a MapR FS from a remote machine?

Question asked by niranjan on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by niranjan
Basically I want to access and read files residing in MapR FS. Typically in an HDFS I would do this by using a HDFS client by connecting using the hadoopUrl of the machine I want to. And I understand here there is no concept of NameNode and has a different concept of CLDB.  I sifted through the documentation ( and I quite didn't get what I want and it's pretty vague. I came across setting up MapR FS client and stumbled on this ( but didn't help me.

I've following questions
1) Can I use HDFS client to access MapR FS as MapR is Apache Hadoop compliant?

2) If the above is true, what would be url scheme that I would be using to connect?

3) If I need a MapR FS client why would that be and what is that client intended for? What would be the difference between this and a HDFSClient?

Please provide me a lucid answer and point me if I'm not looking at the right documentation.