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Drill calcuate Hbase row count too slow

Question asked by suxingfate on Feb 9, 2015
I am using drill 0.7 to calculate one HBase 0.94 table row count

I run the following command from the webUI for drill

    SELECT COUNT(*) FROM hbase.`/user/mapr/students`

I have 3 nodes running drill-bit and all 3 nodes with mapr-table and hbase api 0.94

The table's row count is 100 million, and with only 1 key and 2 columns.

And it takes drill 237 seconds to return the result when I have only one drill bit running. And then I started the other 2 drill-bit, it still takes more than 200 seconds to do this.

Is there anything I can do to improve the speed of this ?

200 seconds is way too long.