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Ceate dfs in nfs disk :  Errors where formatting namenode

Question asked by mbala on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by nabeel
I often  setting up hadoop on ubuntu and this latter operates correctly without problem.
Recently, I tried to set up hadoop on a cluster (Red hat Linux) structured as a rack :
32 nodes and an NFS disk shared by all the nodes.
I set up hadoop on 4 nodes (multi-nodes) and created hdfs on the local nodes disk. the hadoop operates correctly without pb.

As the local nodes disk are not large (100 GB) and I want to handle 5 TB of data, I created hdfs on the NFS disk (28 TB), i.e., /home/hduser/app/hadoop/tmp
/home/ is a mount point on the NFS disk.
thus, when I formatted the namenode, I had this error :

**15/01/09 19:38:04 ERROR common.Storage: Cannot create lock on /home/hduser/app/hadoop/tmp/dfs/name/in_use.lock Aucun verrou disponible

Thanks in advance for your help