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how to configure specific nic for internal communication

Question asked by achyuthp on Jan 13, 2015
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i'm using M7 , i got 4 Nics on each node , where in 1 NIC would be used for external connectivity lest say 10.x  domain , 1 NIC to be used for  internal communication lets say in 192.x domain , one NIC to be used for oam activity again lest say in 10.x domain

query : how to segregate the Client traffic and Node internal traffic

 1. how to restrict MapR services internal communication between the Nodes such as balancer, replication, etc be only on 192.x domain eth1  and not on public domain 10.x eth0  ( 192 series would not be accessible to public )
 2. provide fault tolerance to the internal ip (eth1 ) (nic failover) using another nic available (eth 2)
 3. how to restrict 10.x public domain only accessing the  server eth 0 
 4. how to enable eth 3   with another ip for oam connectivity