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Is there an alternative FS option other than MaprFS ?

Question asked by jintaoguan on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by jintaoguan
I have some questions about Mapr Map/Reduce framework.
I know that the maprfs is the default file system used by the MapR Map/Reduce framework. After reading the source code of MapR 3.1.1, I noticed that there is an configuration called "mapreduce.use.maprfs". This configuration control the boolean variable "useMapRFS" in the source code.
I tried to set this configuration to false then the map/reduce job failed.

1.Could someone tell me how to turn off maprfs?

2.Which file system MapR's Map/Reduce framework is going to use if I turn off maprfs ? HDFS ?

3.Can HDFS run underneath MapR's Map/Reduce framework?