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Invoking YARN jobs on MapR from Windows

Question asked by jim on Oct 26, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by davidtucker
I'm integrating MapR with a framework that launches jobs on the MapR cluster using YARN. This works great when the client launches jobs from Linux on the MapR cluster.

However, when launching jobs from a Windows desktop, the YARN jobs always fail due to the user ID being the root user. YARN by default fails jobs launched by a user with user ID < 500.

I've set up the client according to: However jobs always submit from Windows as the root user.

I've tried setting different HADOOP_HOME like environment variables as I'm not sure how MapR determines which Hadoop I'm wanting to use (the client has two versions installed). I'm wanting to use the 2.4.1 version since I'm using YARN.

Is there any additional setup that needs to happen to use the MapR client on Windows when not using the hadoop CLI to launch jobs?

Thanks in advance.