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How to use PigServer api to submit pig job to remote mapr cluster

Question asked by tushars007 on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by Ted Dunning
I am trying to use java PigServer api to submit pig job to remote mapr cluster. So I have (windows) machine A which has a web application which is used for uploading a pig script. On Machine B, there is Mapr Hadoop and Pig installed.
My questions are:  
1) Can PigServer api on Machine A communicate with Pig on Machine B to submit jobs, even if there is no pig installed on Machine A ? 
2) Would I need a Mapr client on Windows (Machine A) for the communication purpose ?

I have used the mapr jars for pig and hadoop in my web-app. I also tried creating core-site.xml and hadoop-site.xml with required cluster address in WEB-INF/lib where the jars are located. But no luck there! I am still getting the following error:

org.apache.pig.backend.executionengine.ExecException: **ERROR 4010**: Cannot find hadoop configurations in classpath (neither hadoop-site.xml nor core-site.xml was found in the classpath). If you plan to use local mode, please put -x local option in command line.
I have seen several posts with similar error and most of them suggested having the xml files or pointing to a Hadoop conf directory. I have tried keeping just xml files in classpath, but that didn't work out. How should I point to a Hadoop conf directory when I do not have Hadoop installed locally on Machine A ?

I am using following code related to PigServer api:

props.setProperty("", "maprfs://ipaddress:7222");
props.setProperty("mapred.job.tracker", "ipaddress:9001");
PigServer pig = new PigServer(ExecType.MAPREDUCE, props);