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I'm having problems running a task in the MapR sandbox vm

Question asked by mozart27 on Sep 5, 2014

I have downloaded and gone through configuring the MapR Demo VM.  I have Hue running and have successfully used the file browser and other components.  However, when i try to submit a MapReduce Job Design task using the sample steps in the left column I get the following error:

Could not find job job_201409050903_0017.

Could not find job job_201409050903_0017 on JobTracker. (code JT_JOB_NOT_FOUND):
ThriftJobID(asString=u'job_201409050903_0017', jobTrackerID=u'201409050903', jobID=17)

I'm running this via VMWare Fusion with 6GB of ram.  As an aside I (I don't know that this is necessarily relevant but want to add just in case) I have increased the java heap to 4MB in the mapred-site.xml via the following:


I'm not sure where to turn to try to resolve this issue.  Any help is appreciated.