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RAID0 vs JBOD vs Write Cache  etc (again)

Question asked by jerdavis on Aug 11, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by srivas

In a follow up to this question:

I'm evaluating my next hardware configuration and I'm looking for advice on what to use for a HBA.
Specifically the link mentions the PERC H710/LSI card, and having to use a RAID0 for each drive, vs JBOD.

The PERC 710 doesn't support JBOD, but does have a write cache. The 310 does JBOD, but doesn't have a write cache.

Seems like a write cache is a good thing. Trying to answer:
Is the 710 RAID0 a real bummer (vs JBOD)?
Is having a write cache a big deal for typical Hadoop loads?
So much so that I should look at other HBA cards that don't have these problems?