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Change CLDB or Zookeeper roles in the cluster

Question asked by zhichou600 on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by keysbotzum

Basically, I follow this instruction and want to start an additional CLDB role.
I am confused for the Step 3.
"If you added the CLDB or ZooKeeper role, you must run -R on all other nodes in the cluster." 
I read the explain of " -R" ----  When -R is specified, the CLDB credentials are read from
mapr-clusters.conf and the ZooKeeper credentials are read from warden.conf. 

However, when I check the mapr-clusters.conf file of all other nodes in the cluster, I find that the mapr-clusters.conf does not contains the new started CLDB node.
the path I used is  /opt/mapr/conf/mapr-clusters.conf.

I think " -R" could not get the updated information about the zookeeper nodes and the cldb nodes.

Please let me know if I miss anything