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M7 Wide tables : Column Prefix filter (Is index on column qualifier maintained)

Question asked by bhardwaj_rajesh on Aug 2, 2014
Orignal Question -

  stats_monthly => columns: <YYYYMM>_stat1, <YYYYMM>_stat2,   ...
  stats_weekly => columns: <week#>_stat1, ...

Is there an efficient way to query for all the stats columns of a certain metric for a given month? (something like all values for "metric1:stats_monthly:201107_*")

One point mentioned -
ColumnPrefixFilter will scan all the columns making the amount of data transfered from Hbase to client smaller, but requiring to scan all the columns. **In other words Hbase does not have any index on column names (in contradiction to Cassandra,**

What about M7 in this regard