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Mapr M7 filter internal logics - RowFilter + ColumnValue

Question asked by bhardwaj_rajesh on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2014 by snelson
Say my Key is (salt - 8 bit) , D(DateTime), Key1(String)

and my columns are CF1(int), CF2(bigint)

I am interested in getting data where   DateTime between (Date1 and Date2) and Key1 in ("A", "B","C")

There are multiple filter types provided for M7 (like fuzzy,regex) whats the best filter performance wise for such scenario. (I am trying to read about row filters, what filter type is suitable for which scenario performance wise, but unable to find any documentation about how filters are handled internally  ie does all rows are scanned, or they are skipped etc)

and say, I want to apply a columnValue filter with a rowfilter, is there some thing I should be aware, consider a table size of millions of rows (we are talking about time series data)