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Mirror snapshots & snapshot size

Question asked by snelson on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by snelson
I have three questions:

 1. What is the size of a snapshot? Is it roughly the amount of data that has been inserted, updated, or deleted since the snapshot was created?
 2. If the snapshot size is proportional to the amount changed data over time, what do we do about the snapshots that are created for remote mirror volumes? Won't they just grow forever unless you destroy the mirror and recreate it?
 3. In the volume display, I get some bizarre numbers for sizes. For example it will say my volume size is 8 TB, my data size is 10 TB, my snapshot size is none, but my total size is 5 TB. That doesn't make sense to me. How does 8 TB work out to be 5 TB total? Am I right in assuming that the "total size" does not factor in the replication of the volume?

**Update:** Cluster size has gone down significantly after removing some old snapshots. This leads me to believe my assumption in 1. is correct.