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Multiple source path for s3distcp

Question asked by communityadmin on Jul 15, 2014
Hey, does anyone know how I can pass multiple source paths to s3distcp. Currently I'm using the command like:

./elastic-mapreduce --jobflow JOBFLOWID --jar \
/home/hadoop/lib/emr-s3distcp-1.0.jar \
--arg --s3Endpoint --arg '' \
--arg --src --arg 's3://myawsbucket/logs/j-3GY8JC4179IOJ/node/' \
--arg --src --arg 's3://myawsbucket/logs/j-5HDUE90LJE39/node/' \
--arg --src --arg 's3://myawsbucket/logs/j-3FHDNOWHW9/node/' \
--arg --dest --arg 'hdfs:///output'

But the command ignores the last --src lines and just copy the first one. No except or anything is thrown. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot