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hue: Failed to contact JobTracker plugin error

Question asked by communityadmin on Jun 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by gradz
Hello forum

I have tried to install Hue but keep getting this error message:

    "Potential misconfiguration detected. Fix and restart Hue.  hadoop.mapred_clusters.default  Failed to contact JobTracker plugin at cluster-03:9290. "`

Node cluster-03 hosts the jt and the jt is working:

    lsof -i:9001
    java    3484 mapr   98u  IPv4  32808      0t0  TCP *:etlservicemgr (LISTEN)
    java    3484 mapr  117u  IPv4  33084      0t0  TCP cluster-03:etlservicemgr->cluster-01:50737 (ESTABLISHED)
    java    3484 mapr  119u  IPv4  35224      0t0  TCP cluster-03:etlservicemgr->cluster-03:44500 (ESTABLISHED)
    java    3484 mapr  120u  IPv4  35455      0t0  TCP cluster-03:etlservicemgr->cluster-02:50759 (ESTABLISHED)
    java    5632 mapr  120u  IPv4  35223      0t0  TCP cluster-03:44500->clusterf-03:etlservicemgr (ESTABLISHED)

But it seems the ThriftPlugin is not starting as nothing is running on port 9290 (lsof -i:9290 is empty).  This node does not host hue so I have copied over the hue-plugins-*.jar and believe I have completed all config file changes as per [][1].

Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Interestingly hue (hive, metastore and file brower) still work, so would also been keen to know what this error actually means.