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Cluster with geographically separated nodes

Question asked by communityadmin on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2014 by mufeed
I'd like to set up a cluster with groups of nodes in multiple geographical locations; specifically, two separate AWS data centers, or, perhaps more realistically, two to three different availability zones within one AWS data center.

Obviously there is higher network latency between availability zones, and even more between data centers. In practice though, how much of an issue would this be? If it's possible to do this, what would the recommended node topology be?

Lastly, if I were to set up a cluster like this, with nodes in (for example) topology paths /us-1a, /us-1b and /us-1c and the availability zone corresponding to /us-1a went down, what would that do to my cluster? Would it be seen as failure of all of those nodes in /us-1a, and then rebalance/re-replicate the data?