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gfsck: PhaseThree failed with status 13

Question asked by dannyman on Jun 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2014 by dannyman
I was running a test of gfsck, and came across an error:

    /opt/mapr/bin/gfsck rwvolume=test.gfsck
    Starting GlobalFsck:
      clear-mode            = false
      debug-mode            = false
      repair-mode           = false
      assume-yes-mode       = false
      cluster               = mapr-dev
      rw-volume-name        = test.gfsck
      snapshot-name         = null
      snapshot-id           = 0
      user-id               = 2043
      group-id              = 2043
      get volume properties ...
      put volume test.gfsck in global-fsck mode ...
      get snapshot list for volume test.gfsck ...
      starting phase one (get containers) for volume test.gfsck(90501959) ...
        got volume containers map
      done phase one
      starting phase two (get inodes) for volume test.gfsck(90501959) ...
        got container inode lists
      done phase two
      starting phase three (get fidmaps) for volume test.gfsck(90501959) ...
    java.lang.Exception: GetFidMap RPC failed 13
            at com.mapr.fs.globalfsck.PhaseThree$
      failed phase three
    java.lang.Exception: PhaseThree failed with status 13
            at com.mapr.fs.globalfsck.GlobalFsck.Run(
            at com.mapr.fs.globalfsck.GlobalFsckClient.main(
      remove volume test.gfsck from global-fsck mode (ret = 13) ...
    GlobalFsck failed (error 13)