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How to read data stored into MapR HADOOP at real time

Question asked by bao on Jun 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by Ted Dunning
In posting, it mentioned "Because of its true read/write nature, MapRFS allows us to get rid of the queuing system and do publish-subscribe models within the data platform.  Storm can then 'tail' a file to which it wishes to subscribe, and as soon as new data hits the file system, it is injected into the Storm topology."

My first question is if MapR allows reading data at real time not through the NFS interface. I am new to big data world. So please forgive my ignorance.

My second question is if the file is distributed on a cluster with many nodes, how do I 'tail' the file?

My third question is what is the delay between write and read of the same data?