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Linux NFS and MapR NFS

Question asked by tc_dev on Jun 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2014 by Ted Dunning
According to NFS setup document :

    The stock Linux NFS service must not be running. Linux NFS and MapR NFS cannot run concurrently.

On the other hand MapR NFS configuration (per the same document above) allows to set up the NFS service on a different port. This seems to suggest that it should be possible for Linux NFS and MapR NFS to co-exist.

I am trying to run these two NFS services side by side (for a test one-node cluster) and seeing some weird conflicts / hard-to-reproduce behavior. Sometimes the services (with MapR NFS set to run on different port) prevent one another from starting, but with some trial-and-error it is sometimes possible to run them side by side and mount both types of shares.

My question is - if NFSD ports are different, what else could cause conflicts? I suppose these two NFS services are competing for some other ports and I wonder what could be done to resolve the conflict...