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MapR Installer permission error

Question asked by tc_dev on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by npaneru
I am using MapR install script for the new 3.1.0 install, starting a simple case of a single node which is identified by its actual hostname (not localhost). I am getting a permissions error with somewhat unclear cause/message.

Here is the log of the interactive session -

    (c)ontinue with install, (m)odify options, or save current configuration and (a)bort? (c/m/a) [c]: c
    SSH Username: root
    SSH password:
    Now running on Control Nodes: [node1]
    * 22:46:31 Interrogating Node(s), Validating Prerequisites, and Starting Install
    fatal: [node1] => Authentication or permission failure.  In some cases, you may have been able to authenticate and did not have permissions on the remote directory. Consider changing the remote temp path in ansible.cfg to a path rooted in "/tmp". Failed command was: mkdir -p $HOME/.ansible/tmp/ansible-1400651191.24-56432696468835 && echo $HOME/.ansible/tmp/ansible-1400651191.24-56432696468835, exited with result 3
    * 22:46:31 Installing Extra Package Repositories If Needed
    * 22:46:31 Detecting Operating System
    * 22:46:31 Detecting Operating System
    * 22:46:31 Creating MapR User
    * 22:46:31 Installing and Configuring NTP Service
    * 22:46:31 Installing OpenJDK Packages If Needed
    * 22:46:31 Detecting Operating System
    * 22:46:31 Installing MapR Packages
    * 22:46:31 Disablng MapR Services Until Configured
    FATAL: no hosts matched or all hosts have already failed -- aborting
    Host: node1 is unreachable
    Control Nodes have failures. Please fix the failures and re-run the installation.

Could you help clarify how a local node could be unreachable? I do not yet have SSH authentication set up between the nodes, but should it really be necessary for the local node (even though not identified as localhost/

Is there anything that should be done for ansible configs, per the message? I am not seeing ansible.cfg anywhere...

P.S. SSH login/password entered here were correct for the local node. Shouldn't this be enough to authenticate?