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Oozie launch error

Question asked by gowri_shankar on May 25, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by mufeed
Hello Team,

I am trying to execute a pig script which reads data from hbase tables, does few joins and dumps the data again to a hbase table via oozie.

This is my directory structure

I see that the oozie task is always getting killed and in the MR task i see a "oozie launch error" with the error message that no class defintion found for pig main class. When i copy pig, hbase and hadoop jars to /mapr/oozie/lib the oozie task completes sucessfully.

I wanted to include all the shared libs under a single folder and refer to that location for all my oozie tasks. I had copied pig,hbase and hadoop jars to /mapr/user/foo/shared/lib (assuming foo is the user executing oozie task) and set the property oozie.use.system.libpath=true in my oozie script, still no luck.

Can someone guide me to solve this issue.