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insert overwrite into list bucketing fails

Question asked by dimamah on May 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2014 by kumar.ravis
When creating a listbucketing table and stating `stored as directories` insert DMLs seem to fail with the following exception :

`Failed with exception checkPaths: maprfs:/user/hadoop/tmp/hive/hive_2014-05-19_11-56-32_137_4724856235044775584-1/-ext-10000 has nested directorymaprfs:/user/hadoop/tmp/hive/hive_2014-05-19_11-56-32_137_4724856235044775584-1/-ext-10000/HIVE_DEFAULT_LIST_BUCKETING_DIR_NAME`

I could find it as a known bug, is it? 
Or maybe i'm doing something wrong?

The SQL :

    create table a(b string,c string) skewed by (c) on ('x') stored as directories;
    insert overwrite table a select b,c from d;