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Local kvstore reported storage pools with  different cluster UUIDs

Question asked by thor on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by thor

 1. the first node -C master:7222 -Z master:5181 -N wst

 all service are successfully started,i can login system via MCS

 2. the second node -C slave:7222 -Z slave:5181 -N wst
all service are successfully started

 I want to merge the two node to realize the cluster function

 3. run on the two nodes
./ -C master:7222,slave:7222 -Z master:5181,slave:5181 -N wst

2014-05-03 03:00:01,509 WARN Topology [RPC-1]: FileSever on slave reported an invalid topology . Ignoring reported topology

2014-05-03 03:00:01,684 INFO CLDBServer [RPC-2]: FSRegister: Request  FSID: 1590857606940046841 FSNetworkLocation:  FSHost:Port: FSHostName: master StoragePools
23e36e34f8e22921005364ad8a09ddce- Capacity: 0 Available: 0 Used: 0 Role: 0 isDCA: false Received registration request

2014-05-03 03:00:01,956 INFO CLDBServer [RPC-3]: Rejecting RPC 2345.103 from with status 3 as CLDB is waiting for local kvstore to become master.

2014-05-03 03:00:01,962 FATAL CLDBServer [RPC-2]: Local kvstore reported storage pools with different cluster UUIDs, one has -5722920038486524796--53609512770714280, and another has -6271403262658174339-1022249737477246578

2014-05-03 03:00:01,962 FATAL CLDB [RPC-2]: CLDBShutdown: Local kvstore reported SPs from 2 different clusters

2014-05-03 03:00:01,963 INFO CLDBServer [RPC-2]: Shutdown: Stopping CLDB

2014-05-03 03:00:01,964 INFO CLDBServer [RPC-1]: FSRegister: Registered FileServer: at topology /default-rack/slave