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New 3.1 node not being used

Question asked by thealy on Apr 22, 2014
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Running M3 /

I added a new Ubuntu node several days ago, and it still is not being used for storage or to run TT jobs. All status shows green; TT log ends with "...Successfully clear space alarm", and when a job is run, it receives the 'KillJobAction' messaged for duplicate jobs at the end. But it is never given jobs to do. It is my best node, so I want to put it to work. I have restarted warden with the same result.

I am assuming that even if it has none of the data files locally, it still will be used to run jobs when there are hundreds left to be done, correct? I also tried moving a group of files, deleting them, then copying them back in an effort to start using the file space.

Any suggestions appreciated.