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Capacity Scheduler Configuration

Question asked by anirudh on Apr 7, 2014
I need to configure a capacity scheduler with following queues

`queue1: cap=50,maxCap=100,guaranteedcap=5
queue1: cap=30,maxCap=100,guaranteedcap=5
default: cap=20,maxCap=100,guaranteedcap=5`

If I launch a job in `queue1` then I would expect my job should be allocated `100 - (5 + 5) = 90%` of the slots. But I get only `50%` of the slots. Is this a expected behavior because it eliminates the need of `guaranteed-capacity` as per your docs. Also if the `SUM` of `queue capacities` is not `100`, job tracker does not come up.

Are you guys missing anything important in this regards? Docs are not updated and scheduler does not work as intended. Kindly look into the issue.

MapR Version: 3.1.0