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Can we prevent mapr-setup from hijacking JDK?

Question asked by tc_dev on Mar 16, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2014 by tc_dev
I am installing a new MapR cluster using the mapr-setup script per these instructions -

While my box already had Oracle JDK 7 installed, once the install completed I discovered that mapr-setup installed OpenJDK 6 and switched all Java binaries to use it (checked by "java -version"). While mapr-setup script informed me that it plans to install OpenJDK I did not see an option to use the already installed JDK...

Is there a way to prevent mapr-setup from switching JDK? I want to use Oracle JDK 7 as the standard for our environment, as we have some software that requires it and in general it seems to perform much better in many benchmarks.