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Cannot connect Mapr-tables on Mapr-FS?

Question asked by tannetto on Mar 6, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2014 by tannetto
Hj all,

I'm use Mapr M7 Edition on Centos 6.4, 64bit. I'm test MapR-tables on MapR but click MapR-tables -->

    **Error Home directory (/user/root) is missing for this user. Please create it in order to cache the recent tables administered by this user.**

I'm read Mapr doc show:

Set Up User Directories for MapR Tables

    Because MapR tables, like files, are created by users, MapR tracks table activity in a user's home directory on the cluster. Create a home directory at /user/ on your cluster for each user that will access MapR tables. After mounting the cluster on NFS, create these directories with the standard Linux mkdir command in the cluster's directory structure. When a user foo does not have a corresponding /user/foo directory on the cluster, querying MapR for a list of tables that belong to that user generates an error reporting the missing directory.

 but I do not know where that /user/ is created?
    I'm mount to client Linux: OK

And help me create directory, thanks a lot.