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Hue Jobtracker issue

Question asked by kmoulart on Feb 23, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2014 by ssatish

I've installed Hue on my mapr cluster and it runs smoothly except that I can't find a way to start the thrift server for the jobtracker.

I placed the jar plugin  in the hadoop lib folder on both the main node running Hue AND the Jobtracker node, I edited the hue.ini file accordingly :

          # Enter the host on which you are running the Hadoop JobTracker
          # The port where the JobTracker IPC listens on
          # JobTracker logical name.
          ## logical_name=
          # Thrift plug-in port for the JobTracker
          # Whether to submit jobs to this cluster

And i filled up the mapred-site.xml on both the nodes as well :

      <description>Comma-separated list of jobtracker plug-ins to be activated.</description>

And I restarded the jobtracker as told :

    maprcli node services -jobtracker restart -nodes node006

Still I have nothing listening on port 9290 and Hue keeps telling me :

    hadoop.mapred_clusters.default  Failed to contact JobTracker plugin at node006.mycluster:9290.

What could I have done wrong ?