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What is the recommended way to perform offline and online backups of M7 tables?

Question asked by mufeed on Feb 23, 2014
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Typically snapshots, mirrors & dump/restore all work on M7 tables. The most common concern that can surface is about "performance implications". Especially when the backup is being taken online.

There has been no reported problems on using volume dump. But since this doesn't scale as one would like, this approach is best used for smaller volumes (preferably < 10 TB).

Therefore, the dependency is on the size of the volume at play.

=> Volumes larger than 10TB is a problem.

Due to single threading of the dump process into a single file.

=> Complexity

All of the incremental changes have to be maintained by the user whereas mirrors do it magically and keep all old versions using snapshots.

=> Speed

Mirror is massively parallel, dump is not.

Basically for a DR scenario, mirroring is advised. For backups snapshots should suffice.

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