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Failed to Format :ERROR SP Refresh failed.

Question asked by alex on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2014 by alex
`[Identify and Configure Disks for MapR File System]
Running Task: [stat path="/opt/mapr/conf/disks.txt"]
Running Task: [  DISKFILE=/opt/mapr/conf/disks.txt]
Running Task: [stat path="/opt/mapr/conf/disks.txt"]
Running Task: [lineinfile dest="{{diskfile}}" create=yes mode=0644 regexp="{{item}}" line="{{item}}"]
changed => (item=/dev/sdb)
Running Task: [stat path="/opt/mapr/conf/disks.txt"]
Running Task: [stat path="/opt/mapr/conf/disktab"]
Running Task: [ MAPR_HOME=/opt/mapr DISKFILE=/opt/mapr/conf/disks.txt]
Running Task: [shell rm -f /opt/mapr/conf/disks.txt]
Running Task: [**fail msg="Failed to format /dev/sdb for MapR FS.  Check /opt/mapr/logs/disksetup.0.log.  Please re-run the installer after addressing the reported issue(s)."**]

> disksetup.0.log :
2014-02-12 01:06:48,830 11557 DeleteFile:788 INFO /tmp/99-mapr-disk.rules.bak.11557 file not found.
2014-02-12 01:06:48,830 11557 RunCmd:196 INFO SP Refresh:
/opt/mapr/server/mrconfig -h -p 5660  sp refresh > /dev/null 2>&1
2014-02-12 01:06:48,843 11557 RunCmd:199 ERROR rc=1
2014-02-12 01:06:48,844 11557 RunCmd:200 ERROR
2014-02-12 01:06:48,844 11557 RunCmd:204 INFO SP Refresh tried. err 1
2014-02-12 01:06:48,844 11557 SPRefresh:260 ERROR SP Refresh failed. Error 1.
2014-02-12 01:06:48,844 11557 PrintAllDisks:656 INFO Print Disks on stdout
2014-02-12 01:06:48,844 11557 PrintAllDisks:661 INFO /dev/sdb added.

Despite displays an format error message, but the installation was successful. what's wrong?

`Running Task: [debug msg="CLDB service will come on-line after Zookeeper quorum is achieved; this requires the other control nodes to be installed.  Please proceed with installation on remaining control nodes."]
Running Task: [ MAX_WAIT=300]
Running Task: [debug msg="{{cluster_success.msg}}"]
ok => {
    "msg": "Successfully installed MapR version on node wl04.  Use the maprcli command to further manage the system."
Running Task: [debug msg="Successfully installed MapR on initial node wl04.  Cluster will come on-line once a majority of the control nodes are successfully deployed.  After the other control nodes are installed, please verify cluster operation with the command 'hadoop fs -ls /' ."]
Running Task: [debug msg="Successfully installed MapR client on wl04.  Use 'hadoop' or 'maprcli' commands to access the cluster. "]