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CLDB wont start after upgrade from v2.1.2 to v3.0.1

Question asked by dimamah on Feb 1, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by Ted Dunning
This happens on a test environment practicing a real upgrade we intend to do. 
The CLDB won't start because of the HA timeout. 
The machine doesn't change at all and in all previous tests of upgrading v1.2.9 to v3.0.1 this didn't happen - we didn't have to wait because of the upgrade. 

The UUID seems to change in a strange way.
At first, before the upgrade in the log we can see : 

`2014-02-02 12:04:53,516 INFO LicenseManager [RPC-8]: 0x15: unique id: 000c2914cf96-564DD90F-23FC-0109-559A-89787314CF96-0000129795-0000129846-0000001422

After the upgrade : 

    2014-02-02 14:40:40,661 INFO CLDBServer [RPC-7]: CLDB Mode: MASTER_REGISTER_READY CLDB HA Check
    2014-02-02 14:40:40,721 INFO LicenseManager [RPC-7]: using default license validator
    2014-02-02 14:40:40,835 ERROR LicenseManager [RPC-7]: could not determine the unique id of the node
    2014-02-02 14:40:40,841 INFO LicenseManager [RPC-7]: 0x15: unique id: 000c2914cf96--0000129795-0000129846-0000001422
    2014-02-02 14:40:40,842 FATAL LicenseManager [RPC-7]: CLDB HA check failed: not licensed, failover denied: elapsed time since last failure=19 minutes
    2014-02-02 14:40:40,842 INFO CLDBServer [RPC-7]: CLDB HA check returned: false
    2014-02-02 14:40:40,842 FATAL CLDB [RPC-7]: CLDBShutdown: HA Check failed: Shutting down CLDB
    2014-02-02 14:40:40,842 INFO CLDBServer [RPC-7]: Shutdown: Stopping CLDB

Its like the ID is missing some part but other that that seems correct. 

Any ideas?