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Using MapR client on Windows under OSGI

Question asked by jim on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by jim
I'm attempting to integrate MapR with KNIME, an open source analtyics workflow tool built on Eclipse RCP. I've bundled the Linux and Windows shared libraries inside my plugin using the OSGI Bundle-NativeCode directive. Here's the line from the Manifest.MF file:

Bundle-NativeCode: lib/win64/MapRClient.dll; osname=win32; processor=x86-64, lib/linux64/; osname=linux; processor=x86-64, *

This works fine on Linux. The native library is loaded OK and the KNIME application is able to browse the MapR filesystem. However, it does not work on Windows. On Windows, the first access to MapR basically hangs. No logs are output to indicate what is happening.

Any ideas on how to debug this or anyone have experience with OSGI bundling native libraries on Windows?

Thanks in advance.