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Remove a deleted filestorage

Question asked by ac4 on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by ac4
Without remove it from mapr-fs, we deleted a storagefile.

This was not a problem for our activities, but at the moment we can't remove it from mapr list and web UI.

    # maprcli disk list -host firstmachine.let -system 0 -output terse
    pst   mt  err          fs       n                  st  dst     hn                
          0                         /dev/md2           0   220837  firstmachine.let 
    dead  0   Failed_disk  MapR-FS  /dev//storagefile  1           firstmachine.let

We tried with this command:

    maprcli disk remove -host firstmachine.let  -force 1 -disks /dev//storagefile -cluster
    ERROR (2) -  Failed operation for disk /dev//storagefile, No such file or directory

but the output was that error.

The UI show us:
![alt text][1]

Do you have suggestions?