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Error trying to connect with MapR Asynchbase

Question asked by snelson on Jan 5, 2014
I'm using Amazon EMR with MapR distribution, and I've switched my Java client over to use the MapR version of Asynchbase, however when I attempt to connect to MapR to use the MapR native tables, my connection fails with the following message:

    14/01/06 10:22:15 WARN fs.MapRFileSystem: Could not find any cluster, defaulting to localhost
    Some error on socket 1612
    Some error on socket 1612
    2014-01-06 10:22:17,0509 ERROR Client fs/client/fileclient/cc/ Thread: -2 Failed to initialize client for cluster, error Unknown error(108)

The code that I'm using to connect is:

  HBaseClient client = new HBaseClient("");
   .addErrback(new Callback<Void, Exception>() {

    public Void call(Exception arg) throws Exception {
     System.out.println("Table does not exist!");
     return null;

Any help or debugging steps would be appreciated!