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"Installation Directory Full" Alarm

Question asked by ceverett on Jan 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2014 by ceverett
I have a 5-node MapR 2.1.2 cluster.  On one of my nodes I keep getting an "Installation Directory Full" alarm.  I have looked this up in the documentation and it indicates that this alarm is seen when the /opt/mapr directory, or the partition that the directory is on, is full.  I have seen it suggested that an easy fix for this is to clear some space in the logs directory.  I did this once and it cleared the error.  The error keeps coming back, though.  I have cleared a number of logs from the logs directory and the /opt/mapr directory is not on a partition to my knowledge.  I have plenty of space on the node.

Can anyone either tell me how to clear the error or create more space on the partition?