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Hostname resolution issue

Question asked by andyt22 on Nov 13, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by mmercer
I've set up a small cluster using 5 nodes, all of which have 2 network interfaces. One NIC is connected to my organisation's network, on which the hosts are all registered in DNS, while the second NIC is configured with an address in the network and connected to a local switch to form a dedicated LAN for MapR use.

I have defined MAPR_SUBNETS= in /opt/mapr/conf/ to force MapR to ignore the main network and have also given each host a local hostname in /etc/hosts; for example, the node with DNS hostname has an entry in /etc/hosts with node-1-local However, even with /etc/nsswitch.conf modified to exclude DNS lookups by changing the line 'hosts: files dns' to read as 'hosts: files', MapR still does hostname lookups that return the DNS hostname and not the local hostname as defined in /etc/hosts for the second NIC and as a result complains the hostname doesn't match the IP addresses used in the configuration.

How can I force MapR to use /etc/hosts and not do reverse DNS lookups? The nodes still need to be connected to the organisation's main network since MapR will be running part-time on these nodes, which are also used for other compute purposes when Hadoop is not being used.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.