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Question asked by sriharsha on Nov 6, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by sriharsha
Hi ,

   We are having some issues with hbase after upgrading it to .94.5 to .94.12 . We have 2 region servers and one master amoung that 1 region server and mater goes down and on the MCS it points to the previous version of hbase(0.94.5) in the logs i dont see much information

    maprcli node list -columns svc,h,csvc
    service                                                     hostname                      configuredservice                                           health  ip
    tasktracker,webserver,cldb,fileserver,hoststats,jobtracker  tasktracker,webserver,cldb,fileserver,hoststats,jobtracker  0
    fileserver,tasktracker,hbregionserver,hoststats     fileserver,tasktracker,hbregionserver,hoststats             0
    fileserver,tasktracker,nfs,hoststats                fileserver,tasktracker,hbmaster,nfs,hoststats               2
    fileserver,tasktracker,hoststats                    fileserver,tasktracker,hbregionserver,hoststats             2
    fileserver,tasktracker,hoststats                    fileserver,tasktracker,hoststats 

can some one point me in right direction