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HBase 0.94.9 and MapR 3.0.1

Question asked by tc_dev on Sep 12, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by nabeel
I am looking at the release notes for HBase 0.94.9 and it says it not compatible with MapR 3.0.0. Is it intended to be compatible with v3.0.1 and/or subsequent 3.x.x releases? Not clear to me from the doc.

Right now I have HBase 0.94.5 on MapR v2.1.3.2 with M3 license. I have a project nearing production beta and would like to make the most reasonable final M3 upgrade. So my questions are -

1) Could HBase 0.94.9 run on MapR v3.0.1 and/or later?

2) Is it possible to upgrade to v3.0.1 codebase and run/evaluate it with M3 license?

3) Is v3.0.1 supposed to perform better than v2.1.3.2 for HBase 0.94.9 / M3?