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Mapr 2.1.3 metrics Write problem

Question asked by rschool on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by rschool
I am having an issue with nodes in my cluster being degraded due to a Metrics write issue.  The error is shown as : Failed to find shared library for backend mysql.  I also have a another 5 node cluster that is version 2.1.2 and with that this issue does not exists.  There are some mysql packages included with the mapr-metrics package that I noticed are of different versions from the 2.1.2 to the 2.1.3 mapr distro.  To install mysql I simply ran yum install mysql-server and followed the mapr instructions on how to set up the metrics database.  I was thinking this has something to do with versions and thought maybe I can revert back to 2.1.2, just wanted to get some advice before doing anything. 

More info -- The hostats logs show this same error.
dbsummary.log showes a exception caused by denied access to the mysql server, however that has been rectified by adding proper user and password, however the metrics write problem error persists.

Any advice would be much appreciated.