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Does MapR ODBC Driver support multiple parameters?

Question asked by yan on Jul 12, 2013
I am trying to execute a query

'select * from mytable where tablekey1=? and tablekey2=?'

uses OdbcCommand.Execute, and OdbcCommand.Parameters. If I use one parameter, it works and returns results. However if i use two parameters, I got empty result back, which is not correct. My codes are,

command.CommandText = "select * from mytable where tablekey1=? and tablekey2=?";

OdbcParameter param1 = new OdbcParameter();
param1.DbType = DbType.Int32;
param1.Value = 460429;

OdbcParameter param2 = new OdbcParameter();
param2.DbType = DbType.Int32;
param2.Value = 4030;


 // Execute the DataReader and access the data.
OdbcDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader();


My question, is MapR ODBC driver support multiple parameters?