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Configuring multiple NICs with failover

Question asked by ravi on Jul 11, 2013
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I'm using M5 distro version 2.0.1. I got 3 nodes to start with 4 NICs, currently utilizing only two NICs. One configured with 10.x.x.x domain which most of the organization connected to other one in private subnet 192.x.x.x which there is no direct connection from 10.x.x.x domain.

All MapR services are running/utilizing 192 private subnet, which is posing some challenges like clients (from 10 domain) unable to connect to the ZK and/or CLDB given MAPR_SUBNETS set to 192. This makes sense given the way it was setup.

I wanted to use all 4 NICs, with 2 NICs in 10 domain primarily for Clients and other two NICs in 192 domain for internal communication between the Nodes (such as balancer, replication, etc.)

The questions I have,
 1. Can I segregate the Client traffic and Node internal traffic?
 2. How MAPR_SUBNETS can be setup? Do I even have to?
 3. Can I achieve the NIC failover this?