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HBASE Won't come out of "Master startup" mode

Question asked by thealy on Jul 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2013 by thealy
Running / M3 / HBASE 0.94.5

Trying to get HBASE running after CLDB failure. Cluster has been running M/R jobs fine. All HBASE data is expendable and can be reloaded. But the"Task" table reports:

RUNNING (since 1hrs, 12mins, 44sec ago) Assigning ROOT region (since 1hrs, 12mins, 22sec ago)

And the "Regions in Transition" remains saying:

70236052 -ROOT-,,0.70236052 state=OFFLINE, ts=Thu Jul 11 14:21:21 EDT 2013 (708s ago), server=null

How can I completely re-initialize this and get running with a clean slate?