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oozie ssh action takes long time to complete

Question asked by sachin on Jul 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2013 by sachin
I tried running an ssh action workflow job in oozie with the following action code Passwordless ssh was configured :

       <action name="sshaction">
            <ssh xmlns="uri:oozie:ssh-action:0.1">
            <ok to="WordCount" />
            <error to="fail" />
        <action name="WordCount">
                    <delete path="${nameNode}/user/510600/output/" />
            <ok to="end" />
            <error to="fail" />

Problem I encountered with the above code is oozie ssh action is taking long time to complete even with a 2 line shell script, However other action runs very fast.

For the above 2 actions sshaction took 12 mins to complete and the action WordCount took only 15 Seconds to complete

my shellscript is as /home/510600/HADOOP_ECO/CDH4/oozietest/

     rm -rf /home/510600/abc.log

Can anyone explain why oozie ssh action takes long time to run ?