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MAPR NFS server failing to start

Question asked by andyd on Jun 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2013 by nabeel
I have a newly installed M3 cluster and the MAPR-NFSSERVER is failig to start, the log output indicated below that the portmapper is not started, I have checked and it is.
[root@maprhost1 logs]# service portmap status
portmap (pid 10000) is running...
[root@maprhost1 logs]#

2013-07-01 04:40:25,262 ERROR com.mapr.warden.service.baseservice.Service$ServiceRun run [nfs_monitor]: Error while running command: [/etc/init.d/mapr-nfsserver, start]
2013-07-01 04:40:25,263 ERROR com.mapr.warden.service.baseservice.Service$ServiceRun run [nfs_monitor]: cannot start nfsserver: portmapper not running
Make sure rpcinfo/portmap is installed and/or run service portmap start

2013-07-01 04:40:35,263 INFO  com.mapr.job.mngmnt.hadoop.metrics.WardenRequestBuilder [nfs_monitor]: [e_SERV_RUN, hostName, ma_host, ma_process]
2013-07-01 04:40:35,263 INFO  com.mapr.job.mngmnt.hadoop.metrics.WardenRequestBuilder [nfs_monitor]: []
2013-07-01 04:40:35,341 ERROR com.mapr.warden.service.baseservice.Service$ServiceMonitorRun run [nfs_monitor]: Monitor command: [/etc/init.d/mapr-nfsserver, status]cannot determine if service: nfs is running. Number of retrials exceeded. Closing Zookeeper
2013-07-01 04:40:35,342 INFO  com.mapr.warden.service.baseservice.Service [nfs_monitor]: 2266 about to close zk for service: nfs
2013-07-01 04:40:35,344 INFO  com.mapr.warden.service.baseservice.Service [Thread-10-EventThread]: Process path: /services/nfs/ Event state: SyncConnected. Event type: NodeDeleted