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Permission issues - various problems

Question asked by andyd on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by nabeel
I have just installed a 5 node M3 cluster for evaluation as described in the installation guide.
User "mapr" created.
The and disksetup command both run as root.
The cluster started as indicated and all seemed to be OK
In the trouble shooting section within Bringing up the Cluster it states that a number of files should be checked to ensure that MapR changes have not been overwritten by automated configuration changes.
Being curious I checked the /etc/sudoers file, this has not been changed since the system was built, should MapR have made changes to this file ?.
I've now hit a permission issue when attempting to create a volume "12:14:59 AM - Failed to mount volume testdata1, Permission denied"

As well as the "mapr" userID I created a "mapradm" as the admin user ID this.

Have I missed something fundamental here ?.